About Us

Melendrez Trucking was founded by Adam H. and Vera Melendrez in 1997.  Adam initially started driving his own bobtail in 1995 with 15 years of CDL experience.  His services were in high demand and he brought in other bobtail owners to keep up with the demand. He was getting calls from Customers for his services and from other owner-operators looking for work.

Vera Melendrez stepped in after quitting her city job to run the business to keep up with the demand on both ends.  She saw the vision, helped form the company and has helped grow it into what it is today. 

Adam Melendrez, Jr. serves as company representative and dispatcher as well and has acquired the responsibiltiy of  acquiring and overseeing  jobs. His business acumen has taken the business into other ventures .  

Melendrez Trucking has expanded its hauling services into other areas other than just Construction related and continues to provide quality services that Customers have come to expect as well as provide work for other owner-operators, some whom have also moved on to form their own trucking companies. 

The Melendrez Trucking strategy is to consolidate its excellent customer and client service by making timely deliveries, and ensuring that all representatives of our company adhere to the customers utmost specifications. 

While we have provided services to nationally known contractors, we strive just as hard for the local contractor, regardless of the size of the job.

We are proud to report a 0% fatality rate and only one incident resulting in an injury in the past 14 years.

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